Qualitätskontrolle in der Pharmazie

Constant vigilance is needed throughout the production of pharmaceutical products, from the initial use of qualified raw materials to the release of safe and effective finished product. Pall is involved in every stage of the development and production of the product, including monitoring and ensuring that final product meets required purity and safety targets. In order to ensure that requirements for product sterility or low bioburden and absence from other contaminants are met, both product quality and the manufacturing environment in which it is made is monitored constantly.

Pharmaceutical QC Product Capabilities

Pall is increasingly involved in quality monitoring. Product groups include:


  • Pallchek™ Rapid Microbiology System - Detect presence/absence of microbial bioburden thresholds by detection of ATP
  • The GeneDisc® Rapid Microbiology System - Identify target bacteria by genetic analysis using real time qPCR

Pall® quality control and monitoring systems are characterized by their ease-of-use, pre-assembled and ready to use consumables (detailed within each product’s technical description and specifications), full documentation and validation packages, operator training support and the availability of local technical support and service - wherever you are in the world.

  Dienstleistungsangebot für die Biopharmazeutik




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