Final Product Treatment

The Chemical Processing Industry produces a wide range of products that become feedstocks for the synthesis of more complex materials or are themselves final products sold in the marketplace. Prior to leaving the site, the product is often treated to remove solid and liquid contaminants. Liquid and solid contaminants, such as catalyst, corrosion products, water, liquid byproducts, unreacted feedstocks and pipe scale can reduce yield and product quality, as well as foul and erode distribution equipment (e.g. pumps, nozzles, piping and meters) and other process equipment (e.g. reactors, heat exchangers, contactor towers, distillation columns, engines and boilers). Contaminated feedstocks can reduce reaction rates and yields or lead to off-specification final products that may not meet customer or market requirements for clarity or cleanliness.

Pall provides a wide variety of filtration products and liquid/liquid and liquid/gas coalescer elements contained in specially designed vessels optimized for critical service requirements. We have filtration products to remove contaminants in the nano-, ultra- and micro-filtration range and to separate free liquid contaminants such as waters, oils, acids and caustics. Pall maintains an extensive compatibility database correlating the compatibility of various Pall products with a wide range of chemicals.