Filtertrichter und Manifolds für die Umwelt-Wasserqualitätsprüfung


25 mm Filter Funnels, Polysulfone
25 mm Filtertrichter, PolysulfonIdeal for liquid clarification, vacuum filtration, and scintillation counting studies.

47 mm Filter Funnels, Stainless Steel
47 mm Filtertrichter, EdelstahlDesigned for vacuum filtration to collect biological or particulate matter from liquids.

47 mm Magnetic Filter Funnels
47 mm MagnetfiltertrichterUnique magnetic seal allows easy, one-handed vacuum filtration of liquids.

47 mm Parabola Filter Funnel, Stainless Steel
47 mm Parabol-Filtertrichter, EdelstahlFor large-volume vacuum filtration of microbiological samples, oils, and solvents.

47 mm Pressure Filtration Funnel, Stainless Steel
47 mm Druckfiltertrichter, EdelstahlHigh quality, corrosion-resistant funnel for rapid batch filtration.

MicroFunnel™ Filter Funnels
MicroFunnel FiltertrichterIncrease laboratory efficiency with convenient, ready-to-use disposable filter funnels.

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Vakuumabsaugleisten für Filtertrichter

Filter Funnel Manifolds
Vakuumabsaugleisten für FiltertrichterDesigned for use in the vacuum filtration of liquids for analysis of microbiological or particulate contamination.

MicroFunnel™ Vacuum Manifolds
Designed to work with the MicroFunnel filter funnel when performing the MF Technique for microbial analysis.