Podcast Series

AcroSep™ HEA and PPA Mixed-Mode Resins Offer Multi-Dimensional Separation in a Single Step - Mar 26, 2009 Listen (10.95 MB)

Discussion concerning Pall’s new, unique mixed-mode resins – HEA and PPA.
The Development and Benefits of EPA Methods 1622 and 1623 - Feb 07, 2007 Listen (4.52 MB)

An interview with Dr. Jennifer Clancy of Clancy Environmental Consultants, Inc. (CEC)
Using Filtration to Protect Valuable Tissue and Cell Culture from Contamination - Jul 01, 2007 Listen (9.58 MB)

Learn from a technical specialist about proper filter selection to help prevent contamination of your cell cultures.
Microbiologist Discusses the Benefits of Using Disposable Filter Funnels for Contamination Control - May 01, 2007 Listen (8.00 MB)

Discussion concerning Pall's MicroFunnel Filter Funnels.
Revolutionary New Chromatography Resin Uses Patented “Gel-in-a-Shell” Technology to Improve Protein Purification - Apr 01, 2007 Listen (7.43 MB)

Pall’s new chromatography resin for lab-scale protein purification uses the patented “gel-in-a-shell” technology providing the benefits of a porous sorbent with the strength of a rigid ceramic shell.
Getting More Life and Better Performance from your HPLC Column - Mar 01, 2007 Listen (7.89 MB)

Learn about new data from Pall's research on column protection, showing that proper filter selection is critical to maximizing column life.
Testing Water for Cryptosporidium - Jan 08, 2007 Listen (6.80 MB)

The history behind testing water for Cryptosporidium and the advantages of using Envirochek® Capsules
Analytical Sample Prep Filters - Sep 11, 2006 Listen (4.12 MB)

How to gain confidence in selecting your analytical sample prep filter