Sterilfiltration: Kapsulen und Bottle-Top Vakuumfilter


AcroCap™ Positive Pressure Devices
AcroCap Druckfilter Fast, positive-pressure filtration for medium volumes of aqueous laboratory solutions

AcroPak™ 20 Filters & AcroPak 200 Capsule with Fluorodyne® II MembraneAcroPak 20 Filter & AcroPak 200 Kapsule mit Fluorodyne II Membran
Efficient processing of liquid volumes typically up to 20 liters

AcroPak 20 Filters with Supor® Membrane
AcroPak 20 Filter mit Supor MembranEfficient processing of liquid volumes up to 5 liters

AcroPak 200 Capsules with Supor® Membrane
AcroPak 200 Kapsulen mit Supor MembranEfficient processing of liquid volumes up to 20 liters


AcroPak 400 & 800 Capsules with Fluorodyne® II Membrane
AcroPak 400 und 800 Kapsulen mit Fluorodyne II MembranDesigned for processing volumes up to 150 liters

AcroPak 500, 1000, & 1500 Capsules with Supor® Membrane
AcroPak 500, 1000 & 1500 Kapsulen mit Supor MembranFast, final filtration and high throughputs for liquid volumes up to 150 liters

AcroVac™ Filter Units
AcroVac FiltereinheitenFast vacuum filtration with an ergonomic design

  Sterilfiltration und Klarfiltration

Sterilfiltration – Produkte
Bottle-Top Vakuumfilter
Kapsulen für die Sterilfiltration
Membranen für die Sterilfiltration
Spritzenvorsatzfilter für die Sterilfiltration
Trichter und Halter für die Sterilfiltration

Sterilfiltration – Anwendungen

Sterilfiltration – Produktauswahlhilfen

Webcast: Sehen Sie die VacuCap Vakuumfiltereinheiten in Aktion.

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Capsules with HT Tuffryn® Membrane
Kapsulen mit HT Tuffryn MembranMembrane filters for proven applications


Capsules with Versapor® Membrane
Kapsulen mit Versapor MembranMembrane capsule for prefiltration or final filtration

Carbon CapsuleCarbon Kapsule
Removes odor, colloids, and organics from liquids using activated carbon


Filling Machine CapsulesFilling Machine Kapsulen
 Ensure clean products and accurate fills


Mini Profile® CapsulesMini Profile Kapsulen
Scaleable depth capsules for prefiltration and clarification


Polypure® Capsules
Polypure KapsulenAll-polypropylene-graded density prefilters extend final filter life


Bottle-Top Vakuumfilter

VacuCap® & VacuCap PF Vacuum Filtration DevicesVacuCap  & VacuCap PF Vakuumfiltrationseinheiten
Innovative bottle-top filters for fast vacuum filtration of 100 mL to 5 liters of aqueous solutions