Sterilfiltration: Filtertrichter und -halter

25 mm Filter Funnels, Polysulfone25 mm Filtertrichter, Polysulfon
Economical, autoclavable funnels for vacuum filtration


47 mm Pressure Filtration Funnel, Stainless Steel
47 mm Druckfiltertrichter, EdelstahlHigh quality, corrosion-resistant funnel for rapid batch filtration


13 mm Plastic Swinney Filter Holder
13 mm Swinney Filterhalter, KunststoffReusable holder compatible with a broad range of chemicals


13, 25, and 47 mm Filter Holders, Stainless Steel
13, 25 und 47 mm Filterhalter, EdelstahlHigh quality, corrosion-resistant holders for stack sampling


142 & 293 mm Disc Filter Holders, Stainless Steel
142 und 293 mm Filterhalter, EdelstahlConvenient sizes and durable materials for filtration of all your laboratory samples


25 mm Easy Pressure Syringe Filter Holder, Delrin Plastic
25 mm Easy Pressure Spritzenfilterhalter, Delrin KunststoffLarge filtration area for easy operation and fast liquid flow 


25 mm In-line Filter Holder, Delrin Plastic
25 mm In-Line Filterhalter, Delrin KunststoffLightweight filter holder for particulates sampling


  Sterilfiltration und Klarfiltration

Sterilfiltration – Produkte
Bottle-Top Vakuumfilter
Kapsulen für die Sterilfiltration
Membranen für die Sterilfiltration
Spritzenvorsatzfilter für die Sterilfiltration
Trichter und Halter für die Sterilfiltration

Sterilfiltration – Anwendungen

Sterilfiltration – Produktauswahlhilfen

Webcast: Sehen Sie die VacuCap Vakuumfiltereinheiten in Aktion.

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47 mm In-line Filter Holder, Aluminum
47 mm In-Line Filterhalter, AluminiumLightweight, anodized aluminum filter holder


47 mm In-line Filter Holder, Polycarbonate
47 mm In-Line Filterhalter, PolycarbonatSturdy, lightweight unit for monitoring particulate in gases or liquids