Tangentialflußfiltration, Produkte

Centramate™ & Centramate PE Lab Tangential Flow Systems
Centramate und Centramate PE Lab TangentialflusssystemeIdeal for process development and small-scale production of 1 to 125 L

LV Centramate ™ Lab Tangential Flow System
LV Centramate Lab TangentialflusssystemDesigned for maximum product recovery for lab-scale or scale-up process volumes up to 4 L

Minimate™ Tangential Flow Filtration Capsules
Minimate TangentialflußfiltrationskapsulenConcentration and diafiltration (desalting or buffer exchange) processes can be performed on the same system with minimal user intervention. 

Minimate Tangential Flow Filtration Systems
Minimate TangentialflußfiltrationssystemeStreamline laboratory-scale concentration, desalting, and buffer exchange processes.

Ultralab™ Systems & Ultrareservoir™ Containers
Ultralab Systeme und Ultrareservoir BehälterSimplify processing of 100 mL to 5 L volumes when using the Ultrasette™ device.

Ultrasette™ Lab Tangential Flow Filtration Devices
Ultrasette Lab TangentialflußfiltrationskassetteSelf-contained devices for optimal processing of 200 mL to 5 liters.


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