Pall is Upstream
Pall Corporation has been a trusted name for over 60 years and is a global supplier of cell culture technology for upstream processing needs in biopharmaceutical markets.
Beyond our compelling track record and proven reliability, we have an industry-leading engineering team dedicated to the development of robust, affordable biopharm solutions, and a global structure to mitigate risk and support our customers’ regulatory compliance. Pall technologies deliver improved cell culture system output, higher expressed titers and optimized timelines for scale-up through commercialization.
Fast Protein Detection
and Quantitation
The BLItz® and Octet® systems from ForteBio use a unique Dip and Read™ format for quickly identifying, quantitating, and characterizing antibody and protein products. With a variety of off-the-shelf biosensors, optimize culture conditions, determine titers, and check yield and activity post-processing. Detect specific proteins even in complex mixtures like hybridoma supernatants and cell lysates, and save time over traditional techniques like Western blots and HPLC with data available in seconds to minutes.
  • Measure proteins in their native and active form with label-free technology
  • Detect specific proteins and antibodies in unpurified samples
  • Use the BLItz system anywhere as part of an upstream process with a compact, easy-to-use design
  • Speed through screening applications with the high throughput Octet platform
State of the Art
Performance and Control
Pall presents the "next generation" single-use bioreactor, the XRS 20 Bioreactor System, ideally suited for applications ranging from the process development laboratory to the full-scale GMP production suite. The Pall XRS 20 System features an Allegro™ 3D biocontainer coupled with a platform utilizing unique "bi-axial" agitation to create more efficient mixing, higher mass transfer and superior temperature stability. This, in turn, creates superior cell culture performance: higher cell densities, higher cell viabilities and total product titer. Thoughtful industrial design and special biocontainer features ensure operational simplicity, superior robustness and ease-of-use.
  • Superior mass transfer
  • Increased cell growth kinetics, productivity and titer
  • Sized for GMP seed train applications
  • Suitable for general laboratory use, including as a stand-alone 20 L bioreactor
Flexible Solutions
The Allegro™ system platform from Pall is a comprehensive program providing processing solutions, technical support and validation for single-use systems. Our Allegro Single-Use Systems incorporate state-of-the art Pall technologies as well as qualified, externally-sourced products. All systems are supplied fully documented. Pall's comprehensive range of scalable single-use products enables you to use state-of-the-art single-use systems from small-scale development work to full-scale manufacturing.
  • Flexible design — systems can be custom- designed, to ensure you get the optimal solution
  • Flexible size — scalable, so systems can easily be modified, with minimal revalidation
  • Flexible support — we can assist with validation studies, regulatory compliance, (FAT) Factory Acceptance Tests and (SAT) Site Acceptance Tests
Break Free from the
Limitations of the Shake Flask
In a convenient, single-use format, Pall’s Micro-24 Microbioreactor System runs up to 24 simultaneous bioreactor experiments, with fully independent monitoring and control of process conditions in each of the 10 mL microbioreactors.

This improves process development capabilities and efficiencies in both microbial fermentation and mammalian/insect cell culture applications, allowing scientists and engineers to break free from the limitations of shake flasks while exploring bioprocess system optimization.
  • Single-use microbioreactor cassettes
    • 24 reactors per cassette
    • pH and DO sensors pre-calibrated
    • Working volume is 3 to 7 mL
  • Independent control of each microbioreactor
  • System-level control of agitation
  • Real-time monitoring & control
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