Pall Upstream Solutions
Pall Corporation has been a trusted name for over 60 years and is a global supplier of cell culture technology for upstream processing needs in biopharmaceutical markets.

Beyond our compelling track record and proven reliability, we have an industry-leading engineering team dedicated to the development of robust, affordable biopharmaceutical solutions, and a global structure to mitigate risk and support our customers’ regulatory compliance. Pall technologies deliver improved cell culture system output, higher expressed titers and optimized timelines for scale-up through commercialization.
High Performance Suspension
Pall’s rocking and stirred tank bioreactor platforms have many unique design features for excellent and robust performance. In addition they are reliable and easy to use, resulting in high process safety and product quality.

  • The Allegro™ XRS platform rotates on 2 axes to provide excellent mixing and mass transfer.
  • The Allegro STR bioreactor builds on a square biocontainer shape, to optimize mixing with natural baffling, in a compact footprint.
  • The PadReactor® stirred tank reactor also features a square biocontainer design to achieve optimal mixing results, with a paddle mixer to give high performance for shear-sensitive cells.
  • For process development and high throughput screening of media or cell lines, the Micro24 microreactor allows users to simultaneously run 24 small independent experiments.
Adherent Cell
Culture Solutions
Adherent cell growth offers a number of challenges that has driven many users to search for a suspension culture alternative, not always with success.

Pall has focussed its efforts on the development of solutions for adherent cell growth that allow for:

  • Reduced footprint and less operator intervention vs roller bottle or cell stack solutions
  • Automation and control for better process robustness, and compliance with regulatory standards
  • Simplicity and economics – reduction of seed train and scale-up efforts
Our offering includes:

Single Use
Upstream Solutions
Bei der Allegro™-Systemplattform von Pall handelt es sich um ein umfassendes Programm, das Prozesslösungen, technische Unterstützung und die Validierung von Single Use Systemen bietet. Our Allegro single-use systems incorporate state-of-the art Pall technologies as well as qualified, externally-sourced products. All systems are supplied fully documented.

Mit der umfassenden Produktreihe skalierbarer Single Use Produkte von Pall stehen Ihnen modernste Single Use Systeme für die Entwicklung im kleinen Maßstab bis hin zur Herstellung im großen Maßstab zur Verfügung.

  • Flexible design — systems can be custom- designed, to ensure you get the optimal solution
  • Flexible size — scalable, so systems can easily be modified, with minimal revalidation
  • Flexible support — we can assist with validation studies, regulatory compliance, (FAT) Factory Acceptance Tests and (SAT) Site Acceptance Tests
Analytical Solutions from Upstream
Bioprocess to Manufacturing
Pall’s ForteBio Octet® and BLItz® systems offer rapid, simple and accurate determination of protein titer, contaminant detection and protein quality analysis, enabling utility throughout process development, quality control and manufacturing. Erfahren Sie mehr über:

  • Rapid, automated, protein titer and quality analysis in cell line development and bioreactor monitoring
  • Host cell protein (HCP) and residual protein A contaminant detection assay kits
  • Quality control for release testing of biopharmaceuticals
A Pall upstream solutions specialist will contact you to discuss your application requirements