Now, animals can benefit from the same type of regenerative cell therapies that are used by athletes to heal injuries. Pall offers a natural and safe system to provide cell therapy treatment to relieve the pain of joint disease or injury, and osteoarthritis. This new technology promotes healing and reduces recovery time using the animal’s own blood. Autologous platelet therapy for regenerative medicine is the promise of the future in healthcare. Animals are given the potential for a better quality of life.

Equine Platelet Enhancement Therapy (E-PET) has a positive record of helping race horses and has no negative side effects. The procedure takes very little time from the first step of drawing the animals own blood, then filtering and recovering the platelets, to the final step of administering the platelet cocktail. All of this can be done stall-side in 15-60 minutes. 

Canine Platelet Enhancement Therapy (C-PET) for small animals has shown very encouraging results in the early stages of usage. The procedure takes less than an hour from start to finish in a veterinarians office or animal hospital. There is very little risk to the animal and no long recovery time needed, which is often the case when an animal undergoes surgery.