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Comprehensive Bacteria Detection

  • Real-time data management 
  • Password protection for data handling
  • Data storage in SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • User defined queries
  • Operator logs
  • Extensive archiving
  • User defined command functions
  • Flexible field definition
  • Highly visual graphic displays
  • Barcode recognition: ISBT 128 Codabar, USS Codabar
  • Rapid reporting of bacteria testing results
  • Built-in alarm options
  • Batching and manual publishing of records
  • Integrated with external laboratory information system (LIS) applications
  • Customized data reporting and queries

Automated and Secure Transfer to Your Host IT

  • Tab, comma or semi-colon delimited file export
  • Security checksum for each data line
  • Data access from any location on the local area network (LAN)
  • Validated for Windows XP and, fully network compatible


Productivity Gains…Operational Savings

  • Optimize staffing with system-generated work lists
  • Eliminate manual tracking of platelet unit and test samples

A Tool for cGMP Compliance

  • Provides added security levels with password protected settings
  • Incorporates processing prompts and system timing controls to minimize operator error
  • Correlates test result to sample ID, unit number, product profile and technician with date and time of test in a complete data record
  • Allows for full lot traceability from individual platelet concentrate (PC) units to the pooled platelet product to the eBDS test result
  • Records all system activities and results through real-time data capture
  • Built-in system alarms assure compliance

Seamless Communications

  • Automatically transfers analyzer results to a secure database

Optimized Flexibility

  • Customize system settings for blood center or hospital
  • Customize reports and database sorting of the data
  • Specify queries on the data set.

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