Pall Medical at the AABB Annual Meeting and CTTXPO 2010

October 9-12 in Baltimore, MD

Visit us at Booth #1010 in the Baltimore Convention Center and learn how Pall Medical’s product portfolio can help you enhance your business and optimize your donor base by maximizing the value of WB donations.

Value Stream Mapping

Every day your facility collects manual WB donations to address local blood needs. Deciding how to collect, process and deliver the highest quality blood products while utilizing the safest, quickest and most efficient processes can be challenging.

It’s not necessary to make big process changes to achieve revenue growth and efficiency. By making small changes you can optimize existing processes to produce the products you need while adding to your revenue stream.

The Leukotrap® Synergy Platform is a key component of Pall’s Redefining the Business of Blood program that was designed to help you take a fresh look at your operations to pinpoint the "high-return" areas to invest your time, finances and resources to improve operations.

  • The Leukotrap® RC System with RC2D Filter, a universal collection system that provides the flexibility to provide leukoreduced RBCs along with non-leukoreduced plasma or platelet components based on your inventory needs.
  • AcrodoseSM Platelets not only provide you with a FDA-approved culture-based solution for WB-derived platelets but also a fiscally sound solution over more costly apheresis platelets.
  • Pall eBDS along with Pall DATA-5 Software  which have been uniquely designed for blood center quality control and cGMP compliance. The Pall eBDS adds to the safety of all your platelets products, whether they are leukoreduced or non-leukoreduced, pooled or apheresis platelets. The Pall DATA-5 software management system tracks and manages all time-critical steps in the platelet process and provides a complete, traceable record from individual donor collection to pooled platelets to eBDS results.

Find ‘Gold’ with Pall

Even in times of excess inventory of red cell products, there’s ‘gold’ to be found in the plasma components produced from WB donations. Pall has added complementary products to the systems of the Leukotrap Synergy Platform to help you maximize the value of these ‘every day’ manual WB donations to get the leukoreduced red cells along with the platelets and plasma components you need, while increasing your potential to improve your plasma product yields and revenue stream.

Come visit our booth (#1010) and see how …
  • HemoFlow™ Blood Donation Monitor & Mixers ensure a successful donation right from the start. These lightweight devices with a large screen display and the longest battery life in the market provide the draw accuracy to reduce the potential for under or overweight draws. Intuitive instructions are displayed during the setup and draw process that ensures cGMP compliance. Their proprietary mixing technology can reduce the clots that may cause incomplete filtrations.
    HemoFlow is a trademark of Applied Science, Inc.
  • Collection Management Reporting Solution (CMRS) software used with the HemoFlow 400XS can help you configure and validate all your devices, monitor all draw activity and related data at a collection site and then transfer that data to your host IT system.
  • Pall’s Plasma Optimization Program can help you to improve plasma yields and revenue. Learn more: Pall’s Industry Workshop at the AABB
  • Transfer Bag designed for cryopooling can help you expand your product mix and services.
  • Producing low cost, high margin Acrodose Platelets can increase your bottom line.

So, take the opportunity to see how Pall Medical is continuing the tradition of providing a portfolio of products with innovative technologies that are designed to support your strategic objectives for reduced costs, improved profits and product availability.

Cord Blood Processing and Cellular Therapies

Learn how Pall’s Cord Blood Processing and Cell Harvest products are helping make cell therapy practical and safe for routine use.

Don't Miss Pall's Special Industry Workshop

Monday, October 11, 7:00 – 8:15 am
Baltimore Convention Center, Room 345/346

A deluxe breakfast will be available.

Plasma Optimization – Improving Plasma Yields from Whole Blood Donations

You can maximize the value of your ‘every day’ manual whole blood donations to get the red cells you need locally and increase your potential to improve plasma yields and your revenue stream within the global plasma market. Pall Medical has developed a Plasma Optimization Program to assist blood centers in determining the best processes within their facility to optimize plasma yields while considering the constraints of quality, cost, and time.

At this workshop you will:
  • Learn about the various elements that affect plasma yields from whole blood donations, such as the principles of blood separation and centrifugation and whole blood collection systems and processing methods used.
  • Understand the impact of plasma optimization on workflow and the cost benefit analysis of optimizing plasma yields.
  • Hear from a blood center that made some of the process changes recommended in the Plasma Optimization Guide that allowed them to achieve a significant increase in plasma yields and revenue.

Rosalind Russell, PhD
Director, Scientific and Technical Support
Pall Medical

Dennis Harpool, (ASCP) SBB
Senior Vice President, Manufacturing Systems
Blood Systems Inc.

Register for Plasma Optimization – Improving Plasma Yields from Whole Blood Donations Workshop
Register for Improving Plasma Yields from Whole Blood Donations Workshop