Pall Medical at the CBBS/SCABB 3rd Joint Meeting 2011

April 26-29 in Las Vegas, NV



Visit us at Booth #502-504 in the Exhibit Hall - The Mirage Hotel & Casino to learn how Pall Medical’s product portfolio can help you take a greener approach by maximizing the value of WB donations.



Create a More Efficient Blood Management Program

Is your blood center thinking of efficient ways to better utilize existing resources in today's economic environment? AcrodoseSMPlatelets enable blood centers to tap into the abundant, but often discarded resource of WB platelets while providing the equivalent clinical and therapeutic benefits of single donor platelets (SDP), usually at a lower cost.


Acrodose Platelets  not only provide you with a FDA-approved culture-based solution for WB-derived platelets, but also a fiscally sound solution over more costly apheresis platelets.


With this greener approach you can:
  • Significantly increase platelet availability by reducing your reliance on SDPs and costly importing
  • Provide your blood center with growth opportunities by exporting excess platelets
  • Improve margins by using lower cost WB-derived platelets


Increase Your Plasma Yields and Revenue

Is your blood center thinking of efficient ways to better utilize existing resources in today's economic environment? Now you can maximize the value of WB donations to improve plasma yields and your revenue stream within the global plasma marketplace. Pall Medical has developed a Plasma Optimization Program  to assist blood centers in determining the best processes to optimize plasma yields while considering the constraints of quality, cost, and time.


With this greener approach you can learn:
  • About the variables that can impact plasma recovery from WB collection through component processing, along with recommendations for improving plasma yields up to 9 mL.
  • Why the Leukotrap® RC System with RC2D Filter may be the only WB collection set you need to provide you maximum flexibility to improve plasma yields
  • How to achieve the maximum draw volume by using an automated blood collection device, such as the HemoFlow™* Blood Donation Monitor & Mixers, to ensure that the final WB is within 0-2% of the maximum draw volume setting


Take the opportunity to see how Pall Medical is continuing the tradition of providing a product portfolio with innovative technologies that are designed to support your strategic objectives for reduced costs, improved profits and product availability.


Don't Miss Pall's Special Industry Workshop on Tuesday, April 26

Datum: Tuesday, April 26, Time: 8 – 9 am
The Mirage Hotel & Casino, St. Croix Room

A deluxe breakfast will be available.


Pooled Platelets: They Were Hip and Cool In The 60’s. Now They Make Good Business Sense Too!

In today’s current economic environment, blood centers are reexamining the status quo, including their blood management strategy. Increasingly blood centers are turning to platelets made from whole blood collections because they are less expensive, and provide a safe, therapeutic dose of platelets that is equivalent to apheresis platelets. They also provide a better use of their current resources. 


Dr. Joseph Sweeney, Director of Transfusion Medicine at Brown University, will discuss his experience with pre-storage pooled platelets; e.g. how this product compares to apheresis platelets from a clinical, safety and cost perspective, and the benefits and drawbacks that each product provides. Dr. Sweeney will also discuss a recent clinical study that looked at transfusion reactions associated with different platelet products, and how pre-storage pooled platelets compared with these other platelet products along with how they may augment initiatives with TRALI mitigation.


At this workshop you will:
  • Hear a discussion on a hospital’s experience using pre-storage pooled platelets
  • Understand the differences (benefits & drawbacks) between pre-storage pooled platelets and single donor apheresis platelets
  • Learn about a recent clinical study on transfusion reactions associated with different platelet products & how pre-storage pooled platelets may augment initiatives with TRALI mitigation


Joseph D. Sweeney, MD FACP FRC Path
Director, Transfusion Medicine
Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Brown University, Providence, RI


Robert Haime, MBA
Sr. Director, Portfolio Management
Pall Medical


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