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Perhaps the most logical thought is to ponder the question…”What happens when I put all these leukoreducing technologies to work in the same open heart surgical patient population simultaneously?” In November of 1997, Dr. John Parker Gott presented the results of such a study subsequently published in the Sept ‘98 issue of the Annals of Thoracic Surgery. More importantly, the authors compared their former standard of practice (which utilizes steroid pre-treatment) with 3 of the major interventions available to blunt the whole body inflammatory response. These included the use of APROTININ since this drug is a well-established serine protease inhibitor and should, therefore, possess anti-inflammatory properties. Another group included the use of heparin-bonded circuits for which data suggest an attenuation in complement, and in turn, neutrophil activation should result. Finally, the program of treatment we refer to here as Total Leukocyte Control, comprising all the leukoreducing interventions discussed, was employed. This prospective, randomized trial performed at an academic institution of excellence examined clinical end-points including hospital LOS and patient charges as a surrogate marker of costs.